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I see my work as a documentational project trying to contemplate on the gradual process of influencing, controlling and manipulating nature on our path towards a digital and technological society. We seem to be right in the middle of a transitional period that is characterized by a dissolution of the organic on behalf of exponential technological progress. In my work I want to reflect on this process by creating artificial landscapes – whether it be paintings or sculptures – that trigger a feeling of strangeness or uncertainty.

Landscapes that depict an ongoing process that involves notions of organic growth, change or materiality. I use casting moulds made of silicone to create a connection between the organic appearance of the silicone and the concept of an artificial replication of nature. By playing with double meanings and using a visual language that could relate to the organic and the technological world alike I try to visualize the pressure our modern society exerts on natural systems. I create rockets that could as well be interpreted as trees or nuclear fuel rods that might be regarded as rod bacteria.

It is the duality of shape that reminds me that everything can turn into something else at any point. While nature is shrinking due to an ever-expanding artificial environment and the structures of the natural world slowly become forgotten in the process of digitalization there remains little doubt about the trajectory of our development as a species. My conclusion is sad and exciting at the same time: We are turning into machines.